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  Juicy berries from nature


You have probably tasted blueberries, have you? Do you remember that fresh sour-sweet taste? Have you tried varenyky with blueberry filling? Those steamed ones. Especially, when eating them still warm and tender. Have you ever tried a blueberry pie with tender sour cream crackle? Do you know the special astringent flavor of clusterberry jam? Nothing will confuse!



Have you thought about the quality of blueberries you buy or location where blueberries are gathered?


           Gather blueberries yourselves. Be sure of the berry quality. That is not so difficult. Even more – the gathering process may be extremely beneficial and bring positive emotions. Imagine forest air filled with the fragrance of dozens of trees and plants. Imagine a sunny warm day. Imagine a couple of close people near you. Image holding a comfortable rake for berries gathering that will help you gather berries four times faster than without it owing to a long spring-wire and ergonomic handle. This is a unique rake made in Sweden and for a long time was available only for Scandinavian countries.

         Spend one weekend gathering blueberries and stock up with them for the whole year. The main thing is that berries are fresh and clean and gathered in a clean forest.



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