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It is pleasant and easy to gather berries with a new rake

Only the best materials have been chosen for our rakes.

A new rake is incredibly comfortable and light. The most important thing is that it is of long-lasting use and helps to increase labour productivity. The rake with a new spring-wire and comfortable handle helps you to gather much more berries than you could imagine.



Absolutely new handle

You will feel the difference when gathering berries.

Well thought-out ergonomic handle designed with consideration of anatomical peculiarities of a hand is intrinsic in our rakes. Owing to this hand muscles are always relaxed. You can make use of the rake the whole day and you will feel no discomfort. 


Larger does not mean better

Choose your model!

Berries gathering has become much more comfortable with new narrow type rakes. Owing to lesser width of the rake it will be easier for you to avoid obstacles and loading on your hands is much lesser when in the process of berries gathering. Accordingly, rake weight is lesser. Only in our company you can choose your model. New models are extremely light. You will not find your new rake entangled in twigs as you will be able to avoid them.



Spring-wire is the most important component of the rake

Solid steel spring-wire!!

    Our rakes differ from other rakes with a long spring-wire with special covering. The wire does not rust and is always like a string. The wires length and interval between them are designed to ensure more comfortable gathering process. A much lesser amount of leaves and twigs, but more berries get into the rake.

Enlarged container for berries with special shield

Less movements – less tiredness!!

   Our rakes are designed with an enlarged container for berries with a special shield. The larger the container is the lesser unnecessary movements are done and the lesser time is spent, but the more berries are gathered. A reliable container shield considerably increases the service period of the instrument.




Owing to the shield of container filled with berries, the rake will serve much longer.


Upholstery bracket

Stainless bracket – solidity and beauty!

For qualitative container fixing we use brackets of different length. Brackets are made of a superalloyed stainless steel persistent to rust in aggressive environments. Height and width of the bracket make it possible to safely fix the container to the rake.


Frame bracket

Ease-of-use and reliability!

  The main features of frame brackets are the stiffness of wire the brackets are made of, adhesive compound the brackets are covered with and the precision of wire cuts. The brackets, owing to their width, allow safe fixing of wooden constructions butt joints against each other.


Self-tapping screws

Reliable joint after all!

Self-tapping screws are made of alloy-treated steel and covered with zinc. The type of screws is used for fixing of plate and metallic materials to the wooden construction. We use 43 mm length screw for handle fixing, and 33 mm length screw for rake fixing in the body.


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